Who Says There are Too Many Smith?
    Stars! Player Ratings:

     On occasion it is useful to have some method, however crude, to compare the skill of players.  Ideally this information can be used to help equalize each player's chances of winning and challenge everyone to improve.  Based on all available data from previous multi-player games, these are the current Stars! player ratings.  Ratings in bold are considered "accurate" with 3 or more games of data, while non-bold ratings require more data to be considered "accurate".  The equations still subject to some adjustment, but are published here.

NameRating# of Games Recorded
Matt Brock2.69(-0.35)3
Rob Eilers3.373
Bill Holmstrom6.45(+0.31)6
John Holmstrom6.10(-0.06)8
Dave Louie8.673
John McGlothlan4.337
Mark McGlothlan6.41(-0.51)8
Robin Panda2.501
Darrel Smith9.41(+0.51)10
Nick Thorpe8.095
Michael Wardell8.001