Summary of game 'new_frontier_2' through F1907R.

Master:   John McGlothlan
Austria:  Mark McGlothlan
England:$nbsp; Paul Wilkins
France:   Darrel E. Smith
Germany:  John Holmstrom
Italy:    Aaron Dahl
Russia:   Robert Eilers
Turkey:   Dave Louie

The parameters for 'new_frontier_2' were as follows:
Variant: Standard, Gunboat.
Timing:  At 22:00 Days smtwTfs Next 1D
Press:   White, Private.
Access:  Any.
Victory: 18.
Judge:   USDP.

Game started: 13 May 2005
Game ended:   17 June 2005

The game was won by France.

Historical Supply Center Summary
    Ank Ber Bud Con Edi Hol Lon Mar Mun Nwy Por Rum Sev Spa Swe Tun Vie
Year  Bel Bre Bul Den Gre Kie Lvp Mos Nap Par Rom Ser Smy Stp Tri Ven War
1905 R F R F A I I R F I F F F F F R F I R F F I A I R I F R R I F I A G
1906 R F R F A A I R F I F F F F F R F I R F F I A I R I F R R I F I A G
1907 R F F F A A I F F F F F F F F R F I F F F I A I R I F R F I F I A R

History of Supply Center Counts
Power    1905 '06 '07
Austria     3   4   4
France     13  13  18  (* VICTORY!! *)
Germany     1   1
Italy       9   8   7
Russia      8   8   5
Index:     64  62 103

Index is the Calhamer Index: the sum of squares of the number of
supply centers held by each power, divided by the number of powers
remaining. It is a measure of how far the game has progressed.

Final map of new_frontier_2