Who Says There are Too Many Smith?
    Liam's Photo Album
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DateDescriptionPicture Count
March 9, 2005Ultrasound Images4
May 14, 20053D Ultrasound3
August 11, 2005Brand New Person3
August 13, 2005Going Home from Hospital3
August 16, 2005Sibling Look-Alike2
September 21, 2005Staring Into Space2
September 24, 2005Mid-Morning Nap2
September 30, 2005Brothers Together2
October 17, 2005Fun and Smiles2
October 20, 2005Bath Hair in the Swing2
October 22, 2005Pumpkin at Pumpkin Party3
October 26, 2005Liam in the Pumpkin4
November 19, 2005Trying out the Bouncer4
November 20, 2005Liking the Vest1
November 24, 2005Thanksgiving 20053
     Family Photo1
December 5, 2005Learning to Stand3
December 10, 2005Christmas Tree Adventure6
Christmas Eve 2005Christmas Eve5
Christmas 20051st Christmas3
January 8, 2006Snow on the Mountain3
January 14, 2006Rainy Rockaway3
January 28, 2006New Star Wars Shirts5
February 14, 2006Valentine's Pictures at Sears5
February 18, 2006Teething on a Cookie3
February 25, 2006Sitting in the Bath2
February 26, 2006Secret Under-Crib Cave2
March 11, 2006Liam's First Haircut4
April 4, 2006Pictures at Sears2
April 15, 2006Rainy Egg Hunt2
     Family on Easter Morning2
April 16, 2006Easter 20064
June 8, 2006Beaver Fans Already2
June 13, 2006Oregon Zoo Visit5
July 4, 20064th of July2
July 25, 2006Liam Takes a Bath3
August 5, 2006Dawson's 5th Birthday2
August 12, 2006Liam's 1st Birthday7
September 2, 2006Trouble Comes to the Air Museum5
September 3, 2006Seaside, Oregon4
October 21, 2006Pumpkin Patch Party5
October 25, 2006Painting the Pumpkin1
November 23, 2006Thanksgiving 20061
November 25, 2006Christmas Comes Early2
November 28, 2006Star Wars at OMSI3
December 2, 2006Cutting a Christmas Tree5
Christmas Eve 2006Christmas Eve 20064
Christmas 2006Christmas 20062
January 4, 2007Liam's New Jammies1
January 16, 2007Snow Day, Play Day3
March 17, 2007Outside in the Sun4
April 8, 2007Easter 20073
April 13, 2007Fire-Truck Bed6
May 13, 2007Liam's Dedication Day3
June 14, 2007Baseball Picnic3
June 30, 2007Valley of the Rogue4
July 1, 2007Lake of the Woods1
July 2, 2007Crater Lake4
July 4, 2007Hagg Lake and Fireworks6
     Mommy's Little Boy1
August 2, 2007First Swimming Lessons4
August 4, 2007Dawson's 6th Birthday3
August 6, 2007Playing at Jones Creek3
August 11, 2007Liam's 2nd Birthday4
     Liam's Friends3
September 1, 2007Off to the Circus1
September 7, 2007Fun in the Sprinkler2
September 8, 2007Busy with Blackberries1
October 21, 2007Trip to the Pumpkin Patch3
Halloween 2007Liam as Diego the Explorer3
November 3, 2007Autumn in the Gorge3
November 10, 2007Polar Exhibit at OMSI7
November 22, 2007Thanksgiving 20072
December 8, 2007Getting the Tree3
February 16, 2008Chocolately Smile2
February 18, 2008Fun on Mt. Hood4
March 2, 2008Sunny Spring Day3
March 9, 2008Grandma Shirley's Beach Birthday4
March 23, 2008Handsome Easter Boy2
April 20, 2008Chuck E. Cheese Day3
May 17, 2008Warm May, Wet Day1
May 24, 2008Spring Camping Trip4
June 7, 2008Aunt Jade's Wedding1
June 21, 2008Croquest in the Back Yard2
June 28, 2008Cooling-Off in the Kiddie Pool1
July 4, 20084th of July BBQ3
July 6, 2008Fireworks + Cars = Fun2
July 12, 2008Visiting the Zoo4
July 18, 2008Summer Swimming Lessons2
July 26, 2008Group Camping3
August 8, 2008Liam's 3rd Birthday4
August 9, 2008Bowling Time4
August 11, 2008To Idaho We Go, by RV2
August 12, 2008Oregon Trail Interpretive Center2
August 13, 2008Craters of The Moon, Idaho4
August 15, 2008Digging for Garnets2
September 9, 2008First Day of Preschool2
September 20, 2008Hiking at Silver Falls1
October 16, 2008Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch6
October 18, 2008Costumes at the Pumpkin Patch2
October 19, 2008Pumpkin Carving3
October 27, 2008Falling into Fall2
October 30, 2008Harvest Party1
December 6, 2008Getting the Christmas Tree2
December 15, 2008Making Christmas Cookies3
December 22, 2008Record Snow 20083
Christmas Eve 2008Christmas Eve 20081
New Year's Day 2009Christmas on New Year's at Grandad's4
January 8, 2009Liam's Un-Birthday Party at School4
January 29, 2009Liam at Baseball Class3
March 26, 2009A Day at the Zoo3
April 11, 2009Easter Eggs2
June 13, 2009U-Dig Fossils and Cedar Breaks, Utah6
June 14, 2009Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon7
June 15, 2009Route 66 and the Petrified Forest, Arizona10
June 16, 2009Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico7
June 17, 2009Remember The Alamo5
June 18, 2009Corpus Christi, Texas11
June 19, 2009Space Center Houston7
June 22, 2009MOTE Aquarium, Florida3
June 23, 2009South Florida Museum and Snooty the Manatee3
June 24, 2009Mixon Fruit Farm and Jungle Gardens, Florida10
June 26, 2009NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida7
June 30, 2009EPCOT Center, Florida5
July 5, 2009St. Augustine, Florida9
July 6, 2009Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia3
July 7, 2009Charles Towne and Fort Sumter, South Carolina11
July 9, 2009Winston-Salem, North Carolina5
July 10, 2009Along the Blue Ridge Parkway3
July 12, 2009Mammoth Cave and Maker's Mark, Kentucky4
July 13, 2009St Louis, Missouri6
July 15, 2009Pony Express Home Station 1, Kansas8
July 16, 2009Fort Kearney and Chimney Rock, Nebraska5
July 17, 2009Fort Laramie, Wyoming6
July 18, 2009Fort Casper, Wyoming3
July 19, 2009Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming8
August 8, 2009The Birthday Boy4
August 28, 2009Church Campout3
January 3, 2010Family Pictures with the Puppy2
March 10, 2010Liam in Hip-Hop Class2
April 4, 2010Easter Fun5
May 11, 2010Preschool Music Program5
May 25, 2010End of Preschool Party4